SoulSearching-CVRShaheen Darr writes after walks.

Walking clears her mind and ignites her creativity.

Soul Searching began as either early morning or late night entries in her diary. This accounts for the free verse style and brevity. Our favorite is, “Poems,” and is reminiscent of the old Latin proverb, “Verba volant, scripta manent.” It means, “spoken words fly away, written words remain.” We’re rewarded by her decision to keep a diary.

Most of the poems in this collection are no more than one page so it’s easy to pick up the ninety page volume and read one or two entries—if you can put it down.

We prefer to savor a collection of emotions and thoughts in bits and pieces, but Darr’s writing is intoxicating. She says, “All my poems were written with a person or an event in mind.”

It’s rare to find someone who has examined her life and beliefs so thoroughly. Darr proves with this collection of diamonds– brevity is the soul of eloquence.

Soul Searching is a great companion for your own self discovery.