Blogging 101 – Intro

NOTE: To all my long time followers, I’m beginning 2016 with a course from WordPress to improve my blog. First assignment is this introductory piece.

I’m a father, grandfather, pharmacist, photographer, published author


Quadruple self portrait inspired by Norman Rockwell’s triple.

and as of 2015, a widower. Home is a one hundred year old farm house in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. I do not live alone. Here with me are dozens of plastic flamingos along with four dogs and two cats—all rescues.

My first published writing was a commentary on self control for on October 21, 2009. It was followed by a series of book, audio CD, and movie reviews through May 2011.

My first personal blog article appeared on March 6, 2009 on another platform. That blog is still active today and topics include everything from “attitude” to “zebras.” I have opinions on just about everything although I rarely write about politics.

My first blog on WordPress went live February 26, 2011 and the topic was my efforts in travel photography.

My first novel, The Tourist Killer,  made its debut on Amazon November 7, 2012.

I write for the same reason many readers read—escape. It’s fun to spend time with people whose origins began with the stroke of my pen, or more accurately, the caress of my fingers on the keyboard. Once I’ve established their identity, I turn them loose and see what happens. They tell their stories in dialog and move the plot along. I never know what they’ll do next. That’s the thrill I get from writing.

Fortunately, I have talented associates who read my work (including this piece) for content, grammar, and spelling.

For 2016, my blogging goal is to connect with readers who might enjoy my work and anyone who appreciates photography. My photography and writing influence each other and have proven to be a synergistic combination.

My writing goal is to finish my third novel, A Year Without Killing, which is currently presented in serial form HERE.

Won’t you join me for a year of blogging adventure?

Any and all feedback is appreciated.