Not where, but how?

I’ve noticed (too many times) we often don’t know how to stand when preparing for a photo.

During my years of teaching Dale Carnegie Courses and taking photos as a professional photographer, I’ve seen subjects in somewhat less than flattering stances.

Notice in the first photo, I’m standing in what we refer to as the “fig leaf” position. It does not inspire great confidence.

How to stand-2

The “reverse fig leaf” is no better.

How to stand-3

So how should I stand?  

It’s simple. Let your hands fall at your side. This will get them out of your way and you’ll know where they are if you need them.

How to stand-4

While squarely facing the camera — or your audience — is perfectly acceptable, there’s an even better position. Depending on your build, this pose can give you the appearance of being a few pounds lighter.

Stand on a forty-five degree angle to the camera.

How to stand-1

Now that you have some examples of how to stand, perhaps you can be more convincing when you talk about where you stand on any issue.