DaveBassCVR Pianist/Composer  Dave Bass  is back, and his new CD, NYC Sessions, so captured my attention, that I must return to my writing roots.  My first writing gig was with Blogcritics.org and I reviewed Mr. Bass’s now critically acclaimed CD, Gone.

Fortunately, Bass didn’t go far, and certainly not away.

The music world, and especially jazz aficionados, are much better off for his return to the recording studio.

His latest project, NYC Sessions, released in February 2015 and has hit the top five on jazz charts already(March 2015).

Dave’s compositional skills have blossomed with this project both in his writing and his selection of musicians to compose his ensemble.

Joining our lawyer-pianist friend are: Harvie S on acoustic bass, Ignacio Berroa on drums, Phil Woods on alto sax, Conrad Herwig and Chris Washburne on trombone, Enrique Fernandez on flute, and Carlos Caro on conga and percussion. Vocalists Karrin Allyson and Paulette McWilliams breathe life into four of the tracks on NYC Sessions (two of which were on Gone as instrumentals.)

NYC Sessions opens with “The Sixties,” a Bass composition that not only documents the composer’s mastery of straight-up jazz/bebop, but sets the tone for the other ten tracks. Bass wrote all but three of the tracks for this project and presents an expansive repertoire of styles and perspectives. “Lost Mambo” follows with a strong Latin influence that gives way to the moody “Endless Waltz” and Allyson’s first vocal appearance (she makes scat work even in a emotional ballad.)

Listeners will compare NYC Sessions to a novel you cannot put down. Once into the third track, you’re hooked and can’t stop. My first listen to this CD was in my truck on the way to work. I missed my exit and was late, but I heard the last track, “Just a Fool” as I was parking.


Don’t miss this supporting video, EPK Promo video, and interviews with not only Dave Bass, but many of the ensemble as well.

My only disappointment with NYC Sessions is the inclusion of only eleven tracks. Surely this bound-to-be-a-crossover hit will lay the groundwork for a follow-up recording. It was good enough to entice me to write about music again.

Get your copy today directly from Dave at www.DaveBassMusic.com or from Amazon or iTunes.