MCMXKK is simply 1912 in Roman numerals.  

A few days ago, I finished reading (re-reading actually) an old favorite book: The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Many readers will remember him more for the Sherlock Holmes series.

He also wrote this great book upon which Michael Crichton later drew inspiration for some of his works.

I noticed that The Lost World dates back to 1912.  Then today, while researching THIS ARTICLE on ways to control your attitude, I discovered that Dale Carnegie Training started in 1912 also.

Since I’m the National History Examiner for it only stands to reason that I should begin a series of articles related to subjects which observe their centennial year in 2012.

Watch for the first article in that series AT THIS LINK, soon.  It’s a good bet that it will begin before the first of the year.  I also hope you will consider clicking on the “Subscribe” button near my avatar on the “Profile” page.  Happy reading and happy new year!