First shirt

My first shirt from S & F

My arms are too long.

They’re too long for the rest of my body.


Always been a fan of asymmetry.

Maybe that’s why.

And, I’m not short.

I’m six feet tall in my bare feet.

Six one with socks and typical shoes.

I’m not fat.

One eighty-five. Maintained that weight for over thirty years.

Last time my body fat was measured, within normal limits 18-24%.

Purchased my first custom made shirt in 1983.

It was the only way to get sleeves long enough and have the rest of the shirt fit correctly.

Custom made shirts back then were less than $100 each.

Now they’re over $200 each.

A few months ago, I met a guy online with whom we share some friends in real life.

He and his partner have a “made-to-measure” shirt company by the name of “Short and Fat.”  It’s a “dot com.”7-15-18-7

Their shirts are $97.00 each.

I was able to pick every feature with their “build-it-yourself” software.

Material, collar, cuffs, fit, pockets or not, pleats in the back, monogram, color of thread for buttonholes. Every design element of the shirt was my choice.

Even the length of the shirt tail. (I can imagine short and fat guys having a problem with “off-the-rack” shirts causing plumber’s crack or a Bellywink TM. Ugh!)

I couldn’t locate my choice of fabric on their website and one of the partners (Blake Adams) helped me via Facebook Messenger to find just what I wanted.

My first shirt arrived and every aspect of it has exceeded my expectations. Color matches the background of my newest suit.IMG_20180715_145756

I picked thread color for the buttonholes to match the lining of the suit.

It has the same features I look for in a top shelf custom made shirt.

Side/body seams and sleeve seams are double stitched.

All fabrics offered are 100% wrinkle resistant Egyptian, Italian & Swiss Cotton.

French cuffs and collar reinforced for durability and a smooth, precise, wrinkle-free finish.

All S&F shirts are made with “non-iron” material. I prefer to iron my shirts and that’s fine, too.

Every shirt comes with free monogramming and an unconditional, “No Bullshirt” 7-15-18-5guarantee.

There are special times and places where I’ll always wear one of the custom made shirts in my wardrobe.

There are many more situations in which I’ll wear my personally designed S&F shirts–even though I’m tall and almost slim.

Thanks to, I’ve added “men’s clothes designer” to my resume.

If you’re a dapper dresser, it’s time you did as well.